Notice of Intent to Issue Gift – May 2018

Willow pxhere
Image source: pxhere.com

Thank you for your application to Willow Wish. We are dedicated to supporting the human and civil rights of women to choose a birth place supported by best evidence regardless of their ability to pay.

If you would like to apply for a $1500 gift that will be paid to the accredited Arizona birth center of your choice, please complete the following:

Once you have completed all these documents/recordings, please send them via regular mail to:

Willow Wish
P.O. Box 51028
Phoenix, Arizona 85076-1028

Or you may send them electronically via email: willowwishaz@gmail.com

Willow Wish reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of our application process at any time.  By submitting for a gift, you understand that your application packet will be reviewed by our scholarship committee.

Applications for this gift period will be accepted from the 1st – 15th of May 2018.  If there is a qualified applicant, the gift of $1500 will be announced by the 30th of the May 2018.

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