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First Annual Holiday Food Drive

We were challenged by Points of Light to host a community charity event that involved the whole family. We rose to the occasion and hosted a Holiday Food Drive to benefit Matthews Crossing Food Bank based in Chandler, Arizona.

We held our event on Sunday, December 16, 2019 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. One of our sponsors, Blossom Birth and Wellness Center, generously donated a space on their property so we could host the event free of charge.

Our organizers, Janna Stults and Mary Peralta got volunteers together and collection boxes out in the community. I got on social media “LIVE” and promoted the event to our followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Sunday, December 18th dawned cool and bright. It was perfect weather for our indoor/outdoor event.

Here is what we did:
Collected food donations for Matthews Crossing Food Bank

Yaffi from Baby Bloom Nutrition hosted a “Toddler Test Kitchen” and offered holiday food tips for our guests.

Card making: volunteers made cards to be distributed with the holiday food boxes – it was fun to see all the creativity flowing and the bag for completed cards fill up to the top!

Craft making: volunteers created their vision of a holiday table. They put pictures of that was culturally important or part of tradition in their family, and food that they were looking forward to eating this holiday season.

It was an amazing event – 79 volunteers signed in and sorted the 405 pounds of food that was collected for our neighbors facing food insecurity this season.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated to make this day possible. It was so special to participate in an event for this holiday season that was all about giving and making the day brighter for someone else.

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