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The Gift of Personalized Care

The differences between a birth center and a hospital are vast. I have experienced both locations. For the sake of brevity these differences can be summed up by the words: “personalized care”.

Hospitals are marvels of engineering and have to process incredible amounts of people while providing care in their most vulnerable moments. They are all about the systems and have plenty of resources for those unseen circumstances.

Birth centers are focused on individuals under their care. This means small teams and smaller spaces. The team on call when you go into labor is guaranteed to have met with you before. The space can be customized to you. It is set up to be a personal experience without a lot of disruption.

If you are an individual that needs to know there are backup plans to the backup plans, and systems make you feel zen, then the hospital is the way to go. If you want to know the team you are working with and have a setting that allows a calm space for your birth, then a birth center will be a better fit. Choose the environment that will support your needs and wants.

Emmy Howard

The evidence shows that birth centers are an excellent choice for women who are not experiencing complications of pregnancy. We want to give the gift of personalized care to more healthy, low-risk moms in 2020.

Will you help us make more birth center dreams come true? Please click HERE to make a donation and help us fund one more gift with our end-of-year fundraising campaign.

Wishing you and yours much holiday cheer! Please stay safe, healthy, and warm this holiday season.

P.S. Keep the cheer going and join us for Sparkle & Ice 2020!!

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