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Year-End 2019

“The family is what is most important. A birth center birth is like home, everything is in its own time and everyone is like family. I have found that the relationships I have built with those at the birth center have the potential of lasting a lifetime.” Yasmin F.

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The Gift of Personalized Care

The differences between a birth center and a hospital are vast. I have experienced both locations. For the sake of brevity these differences can be summed up by the words: "personalized care".

birth center, Events, Fundraisers

Fundraiser: “Midnight Mother Tree” Painting Event

We are so thrilled to be partnering with a very talented teacher and artist, Erica Marr for our next fundraising event. Erica's passion for choice in birth began long before her birth experience, but it was strengthened through the birth journey she went through. She felt that many of her choices were taken from her,… Continue reading Fundraiser: “Midnight Mother Tree” Painting Event

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How can I support you? Let me count the ways…

The truth is that not everyone can afford to be a donor to charitable causes, in spite of open hearts and best intentions...some of our wallets just don't stretch that far. We have two passive income sources that can allow anyone to be a supporter of Willow Wish without having to sacrifice any of the… Continue reading How can I support you? Let me count the ways…