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LAUNCH: Wine, Dine and Learn

Willow Midwife Center for Birth and Wellness is pleased to announce a new networking and educational forum for the midwife community.  “Wine, Dine + Learn” is a place for midwife sisters to learn and grow together. All midwives and midwife students are welcome!

Come connect with other midwives, have dinner and learn something new! In May,  Kari-Ann Hubbard, Dipl.O.M., L.A.C of Luna Acupuncture will discuss the benefits of the ancient art of acupuncture can help out patients as well as the midwives caring for them. The dinner will be provided by Willow Wish, an Arizona non-profit dedicated to bringing the birth center experience to anyone who is wishing for one, regardless of their ability to pay. Donations to Willow Wish are welcome. Open to midwives and midwife students only.

The first gathering is going to be on Monday, May 8 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Click HERE for more information or to RSVP.

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