Journey Jewelry

This project was born from the gift that we gave our guests at our 2020 Sparkle & Ice Fundraiser. 

When you purchase a piece from the Journey Jewelry collection, you are helping us Grant Birth Choice to the families in Arizona that are wishing for a birth center experience.  The proceeds from your purchase go directly into the fund that makes their wishes come true.

NOTE: If you are a birth worker, birth center or interested in helping us grant birth choice, please contact us for wholesale pricing.

The Meaning Behind our Charms

Purple Charm: 

In honor of our inspiration, Clara, who loved purple and believed that love is forever.  Even though she left us sooner than could ever be imagined, she left behind a legacy of love.

Blue Charm:

The heart can represent the water that surrounds the baby, the water that is released at the time of birth, or the heart of the mother that is born through the childbearing year.

Leaf Charm: 

Leaves are symbolic of fertility and growth in cultures around the world.  Hope, renewal and revival are all messages that we can take from the leaf.

Willow Branch:

The message of the willow tree is to adjust with life, rather than fighting it, surrendering to the process by adapting and returning to strength. It is rooted during all seasons, embodying flexibility and resilience.

Circle Charm:

Represents the divine feminine energy, strong like the moon’s influence on the tides, yet gentle enough to carry and nurture life.

Journey Jewelry